Due to the increased amount of professional photographers frequenting the farm, we’ve set up some guidelines.

  1. This is only in regards to professional photographers. You are more than welcome to come take pictures of your children, friends, etc. This is only for paid professionals.
  2. Photographers are required to check in with the cashier at the shed when you arrive to receive a pass.
  3. Photographers are welcome during normal operating hours, but must not disturb other customers or ask them to move for your pictures.
  4. There is a $25 fee required at the time of check in. This $25 fee does not apply to the entrance fee which will be required by both you and your clients to access the farm.
  5. All photography sessions are limited to 1 hour. The $25 only covers one shoot. If you choose to shoot multiple “mini-sessions” during that hour there will be an additional $25 per mini-session.
  6. We would absolutely love for you to tag our location with your pictures on whatever social media platform you use; Or if using pictures on an online portfolio we’d appreciate a link back to our webpage. If shooting for a magazine, newspaper, or blog we ask that you credit the location in the article or below the picture.

If you have any questions, please contact us by using the form below or giving us a call at 334-750-3792.