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New Activities for the 2017 Season

By September 20, 2017October 1st, 2022News

We’ve been working hard during the off season to give you the best experience we possibly can! Here are a few additions coming to the farm this fall.

  1. More space to pick and play! We’ve extended the production space on our farm, doubling what we once had dedicated to pumpkins and sunflowers. To put this in perspective, we’re a 20 acre farm. We’ve been using 5 acres in previous years to grow pumpkins, sunflowers, run hayrides, house farm animals, and more. This year we have expanded to include 10 acres of usable land to grow pumpkins and sunflowers and play! We have plans to expand the farm every year until all 20 acres are usable to you!
  2. We’ve added a crop maze! If you’re not sure what a crop maze is, think corn maze only shorter in height. We’ve plowed a maze through this really tall grass so it will be fun for all ages trying to make it out on the other side.
  3. Longer hayrides! Because we’ve doubled the farm in size, think of the hayride as fun transportation to the back of the farm where the pumpkins and sunflowers are. Our farmers will take you to the pumpkin patch and drop you off. There you can explore as long as you’d like and when you’re ready to head to the play area, maze, farm animals, or call it a day, our farmers will pick you back up for the second half of the hayride back to the front. In previous years the hayride was an additional cost but this year its included in our activities fee ($2 for 13 years old and older).
  4. Family Fun Fridays! Every Friday during the month of October we’ll be bringing you what we’re calling Family Fun Fridays. There will be visits from princesses, tailgates before home games, cowboys and cowgirls and an “Anything but Scary Farmer’s Halloween.” Most of these nights we’ll be doing giveaways or running specials on our activities fees. We’ll be updating those dates here and on our Facebook so check back for a list of dates.
  5. New Farm Animals! We know you’ve been able to love on Willie the Goat, Patches the Baby Cow, Lucy and Ethel the pigs, the rabbits if you could catch them, and the baby chicks who had no names because there were so many of them! This year we’ll be bringing a whole new group to the farm, because at the end of every season our animals go to new loving homes so they can be cared for and make new friends! There’s only one way to see who’s new at the Pumpkin Patch and that’s to come visit us!

We Open Septepmber 29th at 3:00 and we’ll be open September 30th from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Come celebrate fall with us!